My education, work and experience have allowed me to be a part of many ground breaking and effective initiatives throughout the world. I have worked in times of conflict and disaster while also having the opportunity to work in times of peace to support significant development programs. To start, when you consider me, please note the following three points:

  1.  I have over 10 years of experience in the fields of humanitarian and disaster related assistance coupled with the requisite educational background
  2. I have spent much of my life ensuring that I am properly trained and prepared to assist beneficiaries as well as partners and governments to mitigate the effects of crises, and
  3. I fully believe in the ideals and tenets of transparency, the Humanitarian Charter and the Humanitarian Principles.

I have had over a decade of direct experience managing country offices, monitoring and developing complex supply chains and procurement, and have coordinated humanitarian responses in natural disasters and complex emergencies throughout the world.  I have a high degree of management experience in emergency preparedness and operations activities in over 30 countries—assisting displaced people across Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.  My expertise has been recognized by the US Government, ASEAN Member States, the Governments of the Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Mongolia, Lao PDR and Nepal as a lead trainer to their respective National Emergency Management Agencies and most recently by the ASEAN Coordinating Center for Humanitarian Assistance (AHA Center).   

I am a member of numerous forums and global level working groups to develop principled humanitarian response activities, increase protection of vulnerable groups in crisis situations as well as to promote appropriate technology use in humanitarian contexts. I was most recently published in the Humanitarian Logistics in Asia-Pacific book series and have been cited and published in numerous other publications, including Devex, the Liaison, and related IASC documents. 

My education was specifically chosen to ensure that I can provide a tactical approach to strategy development; ensuring that ground truth impacts overall decision making and promotes efficient delivery and management—time bound, accountable and results based.  I have Bachelor’s degrees in International Business and International Relations, a Masters of Project Management and I am currently completing a post graduate degree in Humanitarian Leadership among numerous other certifications.

Christopher Hoffman

Christopher M. Hoffman

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